Terminal (Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary)/Two

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The second Terminal in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary campaign level Halo.
The terminal in the tunnels of Installation 04.

Campaign level: Halo (video-guide)
Near the start of the tunnel, you will come across a ledge leading to the next section. If you carry on the route rather than make the jump, you will drive past a small alcove. The second terminal is located at the far end of this alcove.

In the aftermath of a terrible sacrifice, careful plans are laid for the Halo Array.



The Array at Installation 00, just before their departure to firing sites across the galaxy.

The Ark, intergalactic space. 343 Guilty Spark flies through a large asteroid field. Several Halos are orbiting the Ark.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "I am experiencing such a mixture of anticipation and dread. All preparations are complete for my installation. In accordance with the final dictum of the Ecumene Council, I have released myself of all remaining connections to my former station."

Guilty Spark is inside a Forerunner structure, gliding down a dimly lit hallway.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "This was not difficult. What was could never be again. We had seen to that quite thoroughly."

Six monitors of various colors converge on the center of a large round chamber, decorated with a glyph on the floor.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "Prior to my final journey through the great portal, a gathering of my fellow monitors was convened upon the Lifeworkers' crèche to distribute the final Index collection."

Fade to a different scene. Several armored Forerunners stand in various places in the chamber. Guilty Spark enters the room and flies toward the other monitors.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "It was most unusual to have this vessel of rebirth play host to such an event, even though Lifeworker ships were the only ones still allowed slipspace permissions. Lifeworkers were responsible for getting us to our places on the active facilities of the Array. While all of this was in accordance with the plan, one entirely unsatisfactory breakdown remained. We had no contact with the Domain."

A yellow monitor faces a Forerunner. The Forerunner bows his/her head, as if unhappy with what is to come. Guilty Spark moves on and flies into an adjoining chamber, where he meets 049 Abject Testament.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "The history of all Forerunners was now lost to us. We relied upon the permanence of the Domain to preserve our record of the events that led to this point. But without that record, would future civilizations know anything about us? Or only of our weapons?"

As Guilty Spark narrates, the view shifts through several different locations: a Forerunner planet emblazoned with glyphs, large Forerunner structures in an unknown location, a forest with a large Forerunner building rising above the treeline, two Forerunners watching a ship outside a large window, an unknown starship, and two Forerunners standing in a city. One is smaller than the other, possibly being a Manipular.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "My fellow Monitor, 049 Abject Testament, had only one comment on this before we went our separate ways."
  • 049 Abject Testament: "We deserve to be forgotten."
  • 343 Guilty Spark: "Perhaps...perhaps."

A massive slipspace portal opens in the space above the Ark, and the other side comes into a view: Installation 04 is seen from the other side.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "But now, the portal opens - and through it, the familiar shape awaits. Halo... Home."