Terminal (Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary)/Eleven

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Walkthrough: Halo Waypoint Classified (defunct)

The eleventh and final terminal can only be accessed through the Classified function on Halo Waypoint. Each unique five-character code shown at the end of a terminal will grant the player 7,000 cR in Halo: Reach when entered. Entering all codes will grant the player an additional 30,000 cR, as well as Terminal 11, allowing the player to receive a total of 100,000 cR.

Truth, lies, and protocol.
Halo burns. A Covenant carrier holds position in the distance.



The UNSC Pillar of Autumn explodes, destroying Installation 04. Sections of the ring cut into each other, splitting the megastructure in half. 343 Guilty Spark observes silently from space.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "Quite unacceptable."

Guilty Spark scans the area, briefly revealing a Covenant ship holding position in the distance. John-117's Longsword speeds away from the wreckage. A schematic of the nearby gas mine is displayed.








Having nowhere else to go, Spark enters Threshold's atmosphere.

Inside the mine, an Unggoy is fiddling with one of the gas tanks. A nearby Kig-Yar beats the Unggoy with a Covenant Carbine. As the wounded Unggoy bleeds out, 343 Guilty Spark enters the chamber. Startled by his arrival, a Kig-Yar lance immediately surrounds the monitor.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "Greetings! I am 343 Guilty Spark, monitor of Install-"

A Kig-Yar brandishes an energy baton and charges at the construct. Guilty Spark kills him with his directed-energy beam.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "Impertinent creature!"

Another Kig-Yar fires a charged plasma pistol blast at Guilty Spark, to little effect. He, too, is quickly killed by Spark. A Kig-Yar behind Spark charges his plasma pistol, but a Sangheili officer suddenly decloaks next to him and slices the Kig-Yar's hand off with an energy sword. He then kneels in front of Spark.

  • Sangheili: "I offer you my life as amends for this dishonor. An Oracle of the Gods should never suffer such...impertinence from vermin like this! I shall cast them all into the mists below for daring such a blasphemy, and-"
  • 343 Guilty Spark: "Oh my. Your people have grown so dramatic in the last 100,000 years. But please, no more deaths are required. We will need all the forces we can muster, if the Flood escapes the destruction of my Installation! I must speak to your commander immediately."

The Sangheili leads Spark to Sesa 'Refumee.

  • Sesa 'Refumee: "Glorious day! The Prophets will be pleased that we have rescued an Oracle from the human violation of the Holy Temple!"
  • 343 Guilty Spark: "Why do you keep calling it a temple? My Installation was a weapon! And one which we needed very, very badly."
  • Sesa 'Refumee: "But Oracle... I do not understand. We were told the rings was our salvation - a gateway to paradise."
  • 343 Guilty Spark: "Told? By whom? Anyone who told you that is either a fool - or quite, quite mad. That Installation was a beautiful tool, designed to destroy everything the Flood might feed on."
  • Sesa 'Refumee: "Everything...?"
  • 343 Guilty Spark: "Oh, quite everything. And if even one Flood spore survive the destruction of my ring, than protocol demands that all nearby sentient life must immediately be destroyed. An outbreak of the Flood cannot be allowed to take place. But... I am wasting our time. Surely you know all of this already?"

'Refumee is evidently stunned by the revelation.

  • Sesa 'Refumee: "Communications: shut down all lines to the Fleet! We will not notify the Prophets of our discovery until I hear everything this Oracle have to say."
  • 343 Guilty Spark: "I will gladly share what I am permitted, but we have little time. What has been unleashed here could soon destroy everything you have ever known."
  • Sesa 'Refumee: "On that, Oracle... We are in agreement."

The gas mine hangs in Threshold's upper atmosphere. Above it, the broken ringworld drifts aimlessly in space.

Cut to black.