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This template should be used when referencing YouTube. For other citation templates, see Template:Ref. For more reference templates, see Template:Ref.



Field Name Optional or Required? Description Example
Id Recommended An ID for the reference, so it can be reused. Make it tied to the source so it does not conflict with other IDs. Always put this at the start. While not Required it is recommended to give every source a unique Id for future use. HW2OSG
1 (unnamed) Required Code, the url of the video cited, following youtube/

T Optional Timestamp on video that the reference begins

2 (unnamed) Optional Channel, name of YouTube channel

3 (unnamed) Optional VidName, name of video cited

Detail Optional

Quote Optional When citing a particular quote, this should be used.

Quotee Optional This is to put who or what said a "quote"

QuoteeLinkText Optional

Y Optional Year that the reference was archived

M Optional Month that the reference was archived

D Optional Day that the reference was archived

ArchiveURL Optional

ArchiveTime Optional