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Well we know Jones is alive and survived the Battle of Ealen IV and said he returned to Infinity, it is said he lost in a poker game to Tedra Grant, but what about Hong and Dunn afterwards.

And another thing about them armors they had we don't which is who, in this picture we can see Paul DeMarco in a MJOLNIR, but we see a MJOLNIR HAZOP. plus a MJOLNIR Commando. aslo a MJOLNIR (GEN2)

Fireteam Bailey and DeMarco.jpg

I cannot be sure who is who with the armors but I believe my theroy opinion. Jones is most likely the MJOLNIR HAZOP more likely I could be wrong. Dunn is most likely the MJOLNIR Commando more likely I more likely could be wrong. Hong could more likely be the MJOLNIR (GEN2) but I could as well be likely wrong.

I just hope it's confrimed who is who in future which armor is who it looks like we can't confrim who is who who's the HAZOP, Commando, or (GEN2), type's by name it really makes us angry why they didn't recieve names on who's who. so yeah. :( Colby James (talk) 04:50, 25 March 2018 (EDT)