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Continuity error?[edit]

Can’t site an exact page because I’m at work and the book is at home, but yesterday I noticed at the part where Gray Team is fighting their way to the bumblebee in Unwavering Discipline’s hangar, Adriana got hit and it said her shields flickered. Maybe I’m mistaken but I thought Gray Team was deep behind enemy lines since before The fall of Reach and subsequently before the Mk. V armor was issued. Therefore unless they were outfitted with prototype shield units in their Mk. IV, something I could imagine with Gray Team, there shouldn’t be shields to flare. The article on this site mentions an advanced hardware program on the Mk. IV page that explains why Red Team in Halo Wars has shields but I always imagined that more as a gameplay mechanic. Is there a canonical source to say some Mk. IV had shields?

Keep reading. Gray Team was given Mark V after Reach fell. TheEld (talk) 11:04, 26 May 2018 (EDT)TheEld