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Squirrels are a small mammalian species native to Earth on several continents. Squirrels are herbivorous, eating a basic diet of nuts, small plants and seeds. They also live in trees in order to hide from predators and to raise young.

On other planets[edit]

The Squirrel.
The "Space Squirrel" cut from Halo: Reach.

Similar animals, also referred to as "squirrels", have been noted to live on several planets, including Reach until its destruction by the Covenant.

The young Spartan-IIs survived several days on squirrels during one of their war game sessions with Tango Company, where they had to capture a flag.[1]

Janissary James, musing about food in which milk that came from an unspecified source is used, suggested that the milk could come from squirrels.[2]

A squirrel-like species inhabited the colony world Dwarka.[3]

Production notes[edit]

The squirrel was one of many examples of ambient life intended for inclusion in Halo: Reach, but was ultimately cut before release.


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