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Sali 'Nyon/Quotes

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Here is a list of quotes from Sali 'Nyon.

Halo: Escalation[edit]

Issue #14[edit]

  • "Judgement has finally arrived for the so-called Hand of the Didact. Once the great fraud 'Mdama's sins are exposed, his own armies will rise against him and join as one. This is but the beginning brothers… for I am Sali 'Nyon, the one true prophet. Let my name be spoken all across this universe." — Upon finding the blue half of the Janus Key in a crashed Pelican.

Issue #15[edit]

  • "I am Sali 'Nyon… I sound the call to all true believers… Join us as we rise to defeat the impostor 'Mdama. His death will mark a new era of greatness for the Covenant, a return to our glorious…" — Broadcasted across Jul 'Mdama's fleets
  • "There is nothing to address. The path to victory is not always so straight." — To his followers at his hideout
  • "The faith of a true believer cannot be shaken by minor setbacks."
  • "Besides, who can deny our blessed fortune…"
  • "What more evidence of the gods sanction than this wondrous gift?" — Holding the Janus Key
  • "The beauty of faith is it makes explanation unnecessary."
  • "All will be revealed, in due time."
  • "Now allow me to attend those in need of healing…"