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The Italian Peninsula in Halo 2: Anniversary.
Rome (in the middle of the peninsula), partially at night.


European Union, Earth[1][2]

Governed by:

European Union[1][2]


Rome is a human city of the European Union on the planet Earth.[1][2]



The gas giant Neptune in the Sol system was named after the Roman god of the sea.[3][4]


Early history[edit]

— Roman imperial general Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo's final words prior to his ordered suicide. 'Axios' translates to 'I am worthy'.[5]

At the Battle of Actium, Marcus Agrippa saved Rome.[6]

During the Second Punic War at the Battle of Cannae, the "Roman Republic" and Hannibal fought. There, Hannibal employed a pincer maneuver against the Roman forces.[7]

Second century Rome was considered, optimistic, indolent and had access to plentiful resources.[8]

At one point, Rome was considered an empire and one of it's generals Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo was ordered to commit suicide. He obeyed while screaming "Axios!".[5]


"It‘s like Rome. They kept taking these barbarians and teaching them how to fight, and then they‘d end up leaving and fighting the very generals who‘d taught them. We‘re those barbarians!"
Felicia Sanderson on the Insurrection.[9]

By the 26th-century, Rome was a part of the European Union.[1][2] Often, the situations of the 26th-century were compared to historic Rome most notably situations revolving around the human colonization of space or the Insurrection.[9][8] Elements of historic Rome are also honored in the 26th-century as well, such as with the naming of Corbulo Academy of Military Science (CAMS).[5]


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