Retrieval team Theta 2

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Retrieval team Theta 2, also known as RTθ2, was an Office of Naval Intelligence team sent to retrieve SPARTAN-II candidates in 2517. One of their candidates was Naomi-010. They gathered information on Naomi through routine school medical checks and a fake CAA pilot study conducted solely for gathering information on candidates. One of the staff questioned the authority of the team members at the school but was satisfied with paperwork and a promised bonus from the CAA if any gifted children were found. On September 10, 2517 the team sedated and abducted her, however, as they were transferring her clothes to the flash clone she regained consciousness and became unexpectedly combative. She managed to escape, forcing the team to search for her. She was found two hours later and was forced to be sedated once more, and was taken without further incident.[1]

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