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Rahud was an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper during the Human-Covenant War.[1]


Rahud was an experienced UNSC veteran who joined the ODSTs after years of service. In 2525 he was in ODST boot camp, and rose to the rank of team leader. However, when another team leader Felicia Sanderson got in an altercation with one of her team members, Gage Yevgenny, the two team leaders were forced to switch places. Rahud was placed on a squad with Yevgenny, Mason and Kiko.

Rahud took his annoyance at the switch out on Yevgenny. He didn't take kindly to the fact that Yevgenny had been given rank in the old Colonial Military Authority that had given him the ability to apply to the ODST program. He also disliked the fact that falling out between two backwater recruits had led to him being moved away from the team he'd trained with. Any screwup by Yevgenny and Rahud would get in his face, calling him a detriment to the team and a liability. Nonetheless they eventually formed a functioning team.

Rahud and his team made their first combat jump onto the colony of Hat Yai three years after they finished training. He later survived the Battle of Asmara. He fought for several more years, long enough to see Mason and Kiko killed in action. Rahud was killed by energy artillery in an unspecified battle.[2]

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