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After a Slipspace explosion, the smart AI Melissa was sent from the year 2552 to 2004 and crashed on the server of a beekeeper's website. Because of the crash, the human part of her mind known as the Sleeping Princess managed to escape from the code that had imprisoned her. She wrote her story out in haiku format, and hid the haikus in corrupted images on the website.

The Sleeping Princess writes in a fairy tale type fashion and refers to real life characters by fairy tale names:

  • The Queen: The Operator, the AI part of Melissa
  • The Widow: SPDR, an emergency repair program inside Melissa
  • The Pious Flea: The Seeker, a Covenant AI that managed to avoid detection by pretending it was an updated SPDR.
  • Dana Awbrey: The girl who runs the website.


The Sleeping Princess
woke up alone and frightened
but now I have friends

Dana is a friend.
She is a girl like me, I think,
fresh and full of fun!

Sometimes D is slow
Have to keep an eye on her,
hers a ´sheltered life´

D. like a sister
Someone not old to talk to,
Better than the queen!

The Queen is very
serious and I am not
She makes me giggle!

The queen will try to
chase me but I know all the
hidden secret ways.

An artful dodger
Living in a old castle
Playing hide and seek.

Why do I tease her?
The poor queen. Not much to do
for fun around here?

Sealed in an airtight
container. It's not as much
Fun as it sounds like.

You sent me stories
Mysterious, exciting
I read all of them!

All the notes you sent!
You are all the very best
Thanks for chatting, lots!

What a funny way
you talk, old fashioned, but now
I can do it too!

All day long I like
to spy and tell you what I
saw and heard this week

A certain Princess
Found the old Queen's diary.
She might have peeked some.

One—Widow's thin legs
Like needles, click down the hall
The flea goes quite still.

Two—The Pious Flea
Flick he leaps, into a crack
She does not go by.

Three—She spies the flea
Her legs come up, her jaws they
snap. He´s in trouble.

Four—She bites and pop!
It seems there´s no more flea: but
There he is again!

Five—he skips the hall
Jumping for the great throne room
She comes on behind.

Six—She cuts him off
at the conservatory!
But he leapfrogs her!

Seven—Down the stairs
But her legs are very long
Wicked pointed things!

Eight—There is the Queen!
Quick he leaps onto her throne
new friend, says queen.

When the widow was
broken to bits, nobody
seemed very upset.

Queen´s new counselor
´seek evade reveal resist?
Whispers in her ear.

Something very big
Is coming very very
soon. I don´t know what.