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Preston Thorne

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Preston Thorne, a.k.a. Weephun, on the left with Elijah Wood at the XBOX 360 Zero Hour launch party

"The instant I went from Preston Thorne, trying to play a game and answering a bunch of telephones, to Lt. Weephun, crew member of the Apocalypso helping Melissa complete her mission, it was a huge epiphany, and it made the game a lot more fun."
— Preston Thorne[1]

Preston Thorne, also known by his codename Weephun, is an American game designer hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina. He played i love bees as "Weephun" and was the leader/organizer of Team Boise while living in Meridian, Idaho. He now works as the Engine QA Manager at Epic Games. For's Blow Me Away/Fight the Flood fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina, Thorne donated an i love bees Commemorative DVD. The i love bees cast and crew signed the shirts. It was sold for $162.50[2]


  • One of the tasks Thorne set was to get pictures of 250 people by the phone. As Weephun "weren't getting anywhere near that", he "headed out to the mall, found a pay phone and got (strangers) to stand around and salute (for photos)."[3]