Phoenix Logs/UNSC Units/ODSTs

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Phoenix log artwork

Elite rapid-deployment infantry.

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers [ODSTs] are elite infantry that make quick work of any nearby enemy troops with their silenced SMGs. ODSTs can place a proximity-fused demolition charge and deploy from orbit anywhere in explored territory using the ODST drop leader power. Other units in the drop zone may take damage from the ODSTs' meteoric arrival.

A special forces raiding unit of the Marines, ODSTs are deployed from the Spirit of Fire to turn the tide of battles, raid enemy bases. and assassinate high-value targets. A normal ODST day entails a hair-raising drop from orbit While encased in an armored drop pod. The ODSTs enter the atmosphere at high speed and brake just short of impact. Because of the speed with which they enter the atmosphere, the pods get extraordinarily hot, giving ODSTs the nickname 'Helljumpers' and their slogan "Feet first into Hell!"