Phoenix Logs/UNSC Units/Forge's Warthog

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Phoenix log artwork

Warthog driven by [the late] Sergeant Forge

Sergeant Forge has spent long hours in the Spirit of Fire's hangar customizing this Warthog with turbochargers. roll bars and hundreds more tweaks, but has no compunction to let it sit idle. Forge's Warthog is a Hero unit unique to Forge, kept out of the motor pool circulation and the hands of other Marines.

Always wanting to be in the thick of action. Forge has outfitted his vehicle with a defensive aura of nanobots to repair the Warthog in the midst of battle. Forge uses his Warthog for fast harassment of enemy units and has made some modifications to the autocannon so that, when upgraded to a gauss cannon, it can fire highly damaging Anvil Rounds. The Gauss can then be further upgraded to a Gauss Overcharge, making the cannon's shots even more powerful.