Phoenix Logs/Flood Units/Infester

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Phoenix log artwork

Anti-vehicle war-forms.

The Infester is a pure form that specializes in cracking open vehicles and converting their crew into Flood-controlled puppets. A purpose-built biological weapon, Infesters expend all of their energy on the attack, collapsing in a dying heap and spreading spores upon the completion of their singular task.

The Infester is adapted to the task of countering and subverting armored vehicles used by the UNSC and Banished. Though they can attack infantry and structures with barbed tentacles, their goal is to hunt manned vehicles. When they detect mechanized prey, the Infester grabs onto it with their tentacles and bores into the hull to reach the crew. This process can be interrupted, similar to the Hijack ability. if the infestation is successful, however, the vehicle is infected and the Infester dies.