Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/The Telegony

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Professor Ellen Anders, Civilian Consultant 500493, Spirit of Fire. Date: 03/29/2559

As we continue our campaign against Atriox and the Banished, I continue to discover more about the Forerunner's history and the Ark. Ever since Red Team rescued Isabel, I've been pouring over her notes, trying to catch up on as much history as possible. There are so many intertwining stories and revelations that each new piece only throws up more questions, sending me darting down another branch of investigation.

I am trying my best to remain focused, but it's hard not to wander occasionally when something intrigues. However, my passion is tempered with my responsibilities to the rest of the crew.

Although I am still a civilian here, I've been through too much with these people to not consider the Spirit of Fire home and its crew family. Now I can help them by beating Atriox in the race for knowledge. It's the only way to keep them...and me...alive.