Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/Rise of Atriox V

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Phoenix log artwork

ONI Section Zero Board//Surveillance transcription of internal communications between subjects 'D' and 'S'. 05.06.2555 1702 hrs//Full transcript available on request//

['D'] Play it back to me, let me hear what we got.

"You wish to know about Atriox and his Banished? The Covenant's dirty little secret. The Jiralhanae they could not control. When I joined the Covenant I was young and easily led. Even back then he had already passed into legends and whispers. A monstrous savage who railed against those who would show us the way to the Great Journey. What a fool I was. I was there when they tried to execute him. Many have said the same but I speak the truth. His crime was to question the Great Journey. To question the Prophets as they sent wave after wave of his kind to die. With each battle he became harder, his dissent louder until the Covenant had to silence him.

He was to be executed for heresy; for bringing shame upon the Covenant and doubt to weak willed minds. I was working some menial task nearby when they brought him in. Bloodied and fresh from the fight. He showed no fear—it was as if there was too much rage inside him for any other emotion. As the executor brought down his blade, Atriox rose, killing his would be killer. The other Brutes fell upon the rest of the guards—such savagery. Years later I heard Atriox had engaged the services of the Enduring Conviction.

I wonder, would the war have ended sooner had he led the Covenant? Or would it still be raging? I say this—do not underestimate him. I know you humans. There is honor in you, but there is equally deceit and I know how you nurture your plots. If you try and harness his power. He will burn you. Atriox works for no one. He may not be the Covenant, but he is not your tool."

['S'] That was all we could get out of the Sangheili, sir. He wouldn't say any more without us answering some uncomfortable questions so we let him go.