Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/A Warning

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Phoenix log artwork

Balkarus, Brute captain. Transcription Date: 03/30/2559

Attention all Unggoy!

As captain of this pitiless rabble I have the displeasure of having quarters closed to you whelps, and so my ears are tainted with every cowardly whisper and idiotic rumor that is spread among your number! Recently a poisonous tale has become popular among you little ones, a tale that has resulted in two - TWO- attempted desertions! This threatens to undermine my authority and is an insult to the name of the Banished and Atriox himself. I am here to crush that rumor before it results in any more disobedience.

The rumor is of an enemy warrior, so called 'The [UNKNOWN TRANSLATION]'. It has been said that this '[UNKNOWN TRANSLATION]' is responsible for the deaths of our comrades at the ancient's water treatment structure and the loss of several captives. According to you superstitious fools, the '[UNKNOWN TRANSLATION]' single-handedly fought our bravest Jiralhanae before freeing the human captives and then led a path of destruction leaving not one of our warriors standing! The worst versions have the '[UNKNOWN TRANSLATION]' being unstoppable, a ghost or even the same Demon that defeated the Covenant curs!

This ends now. The death of our warriors and loss of captives was due to an accident, probably caused by some lazy Unggoy neglecting its duty! From now on, any talk of this phantom '[UNKNOWN TRANSLATION]' will result in several of you pathetic creatures being hurled to the bottom of the nearest ancient chasm as a warning. Let that be the end of it.

One last thing - the execution of the deserters will happen in one hour, all are to attend.