Phoenix Logs/Banished Units/Volatile Scarab

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Overcharged weapons systems make this modified assault platform even more deadly for both enemies and for the Scarab's own crew.

Never one to leave a good weapon alone, once Voridus learned how to harness the power of infusion gel he immediately started testing its application to all available Banished systems. Not all vehicles could accommodate the large containment systems required to weaponize the gel, but in the case of the Scarab that extra bulk was trivial addition. The Infused Scarabs fielded by Voridus are capable of spreading massive pools of the damaging energy gel across the battlefield while retaining the Scarab's base resilience and ability to traverse even the largest combat obstacles.

Voridus enjoys taking personal command of his Infused Scarabs whenever possible but retains a small cadre of specially selected pilots ready to take over for him when he is otherwise occupied. The prospect of charging into withering enemy fire while riding atop massive tanks of the most volatile liquid known to Banished armorers takes a special kind of crazy, which Voridus knows all too well how to engender in his troops.