Phoenix Logs/Banished Units/Grunt Goblin

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Phoenix log artwork

Large and in charge.

Those nasty humans and Banished bullies won't know what smacked them when the Grunt Goblin enters the battlefield! Piloted by Top Grunt jockeys, each Goblin is armed with unstoppable power wrists and heavy needle cannon right from the start, and can upgrade to the Shardstorm launcher for additional crystalline explosive fireworks. When the Goblins fancy feet get to stepping they can be upgraded to allow Grunt Hustle, increasing the movement speed for all nearby friendly units for a short period of time. While footloose and fancy free under the effect of the Grunt Hustle, the Goblin and nearby Grunt units are deadlier - as deadly as a Grunt can be, that is. And nest-mother said those dancing lessons would never pay off!

Also known as the Balaho battlesuit, Goblins are a patent—pending combination of amazing good looks and punchiness in a single value—packed package. But wait, there's more! Act now and you can get not one. Not two. But THREE Goblins on the battlefield, for a true Grunty triple—threat. Forget fighting fair, for these suits have hearts of blamite and fists of justice that will deliver the Ark to its rightful owners: the Unggoy. And with the Ark in their grasping claws the rest of the galaxy will tremble! At least, that's what the Throne of Woe keeps telling Yapyap THE DESTROYER. But wait, how did Yapyap get ahold of these incredible new machines and find time to modify them? Mind your own business is how.