Phoenix Logs/Banished Units/Brute Grenadier

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Destroyers and despoilers.

Brute Grenadiers are a special infantry unit available to Voridus. Their Gel Siphon ability allows them to absorb nearby infusion pools and harness that energy to overcharge their iatrochemically-enhanced armor and grenade launchers.

On death, their equipment explodes, doing damage to nearby units and leaving behind an infusion pool. Their weapons can be upgraded with Hard-Target Detonators to cause additional damage against vehicles and structures, and Infused Grenades which increases grenade attack range and creates short-lived energy pools at the point of impact.

The Brute Grenadiers are madmen and savages who are too unstable and crude to advance in the Banished hierarchy. With few other options to seek glory, they have turned to Voridus, who offers a place in the vanguard of his pack for any willing to test his latest inventions. Glory they will have, even as their bodies rot from the inside out from exposure to the unspeakably toxic by-products of the power they abuse.