Phoenix Logs/Banished Buildings/War Council

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Phoenix log artwork

Requisition and tech upgrade structure.

With its construction of a War Council the Outpost overseer is authorized to unlock structure. Training time. And population capacity upgrades. It also allows the requisition of Honor Guard or Warlords. The overseer is warned that inefficiency is punishable by fates worse than death, and the War Council should only be built once the Outpost's salvage and extraction operation is already in place.

The War Council is a physical symbol of ascension in the twisted meritocracy of the Banished. And overseers are constantly in competition to amass the resources needed to create this structure and lure elite warriors into their service. Successful completion of their assigned tasks is only the minimum expected of Atriox's lieutenants, and the assistance of the Banished's elite are necessary to accumulate victories and additional resources that will raise their status even further.