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Penal colonies are colonial territories meant exclusively as correctional facilities for convicts. The prisoners are often used for labor in mines or other industrial facilities on the colonies. Vessels are used to transport prisoners, ore and resources between penal colonies are known as prison ships. While none have been explicitly named, the Unified Earth Government is known to have more than one penal colony.[1] Mars' largest natural satellite, Phobos, has a penal colony on its surface.[2]

The Covenant had penal colonies of its own, often managed by Kig-Yar.[3] Some were used to detain unmutual Yanme'e, and excavate supplies for the Covenant. The Covenant transformed the human colony of Verge into a penal colony for these Yanme'e.[4] One Covenant penal colony, Weeping Shadows of Sorrow, was used to detain Sangheili.[5]

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