ONI Field Report A84110

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ONI Field Report A84110 was an Office of Naval Intelligence status report on the excavation of the Forerunner ruins in Zone 67.[1] In 2552, the AI Endless Summer included it as an attached file in Flash 91762P-06.


October 22, 2511 (Military Calendar)
ONI Field Report A84110
Classification: TOP SECRET, CODE-WORD
Subject: Status of ruins in Zone 67
Reporting Officer: Lieutenant Commander J. G. Ortega, Office of Naval Intelligence, Section Three/UNSCMID: 7631073
Concerning the alien ruins discovered in Zone 67, we continue to find evidence of an advanced culture with a superlative grasp of mathematics and astrogation, with some possible artistic representations that suggest a space-faring race (see attached digital images of onyx carvings).
Their numerous hieroglyphics, while at first glance comparable to ancient terrestrial Aztec variants, are, in fact, nothing at all like these primitive Earth counterparts. Several layers of symbology suggest a higher-dimensional approach to their language, if it can even be truly thought of as writing or language in any human sense.
Translation continues to elude all experts, human and AI.
Recommendation: Increased funding and excavation will undoubtedly yield hitherto unknown technologies.
Additional Note: No further information has been discovered regarding the glowing sphere discovered by Beta Company trainees. The subsequent detonation of the sphere obliterated all clues of its origin.

Production note[edit]

The reference in ONI Field Report A84110 to Beta Company trainees in 2511 is erroneous, as the SPARTAN-III program was not approved until 2531 and Beta Company did not begin training until 2537.

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