Node Graph

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Node Graph is a scripting interface accessible in Forge/Halo Infinite. Node Graph is commonly used to refer to the interface itself as well as instances which the interface creates (colloquially Node Graphs). Node Graph is used to create scripted experiences.


Node Graph is accessed within Forge by opening the Tools Menu and selecting Node Graph.

Opening the Secondary Menu within the Node Graph allows the user to "Add Node" and if object(s) are selected, "Add Object Reference(s)".

Opening the Node Graph Menu allows the user to access the Node Browser, Node Properties, and level Folders.


Node Browser[edit]

The Node Browser contains various categories of Nodes. Nodes may be selected and placed on the Node Graph.

Node Properties[edit]

Used to access a Node's properties, if a Node is selected.

Global Log[edit]

Log of Node related build messages. The Global Log will indicate if a Node Graph fails to build.