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Issue 4: Doing it live

Story by CIA391
October 24, 2017

Welcome everyone!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Issue 4 of Halopedia News. This issue has so much to go over, like the live stream to the release of Halo: Recruit. So lets do it live!

News for the news

We at Halopedia news brainstormed a few names to rebrand the news, but we need your help, because if it matters to you it matters to us. On Twitter we put up a poll on what we should be named and it will be open for 1 week. Here is a few of our ideas:

  • Halopedia News (Staying the same)
  • Halo News Network (This sounds cool when shortened to HNN)
  • The Data Pad (A cool option from a user)
  • Other (If this gets an overwhelming majority, we may re-do the whole process with names suggested)

To vote please go on twitter and select an option here.

Edit: Ok update. We had to retract an option cause it was too similar to another group. To vote now please vote here. Sorry for those who voted already.

Recruiting Excellence again

Halo Recruit finally released, and is a interesting experience. You can download it here but you require a Windows MR Headset. Fun fact, as of this writing the "Grunts" information is wrong and has their Latin name spelled wrong, it is meant to say "Unggoy Monachus Frigus" but says "Unggoy Manachus Frigus", the more you know. ;)

Doing it live huh

There was a Halo live stream done this week, and you can watch it on the right hand side of this text, but to run down the most important stuff in this update.

  • Lots of new weapon skins. LOTS OF THEM, there is country skins that will be offered, new team skins for Luminosity, Str8 Rippin, and Splyce, and a special skin for entering a Microsoft store tournament.
  • Halo 5 is getting an update called the "Overtime Content Release", that features 4K upgrades, Oddball(that uses the Halo 5 Campaign model despite what the Stream says heh) being added, a new application call the "Local Server App" that allows for LAN parties to work, and a weapon tuning update.
  • Halo Wars 2 is getting crossplay between Xbox and PC gamers.
  • The next Halo Lootcrate theme was announced called the "The Great Journey".
  • And the biggest news, the Halo Master Chief collection was mentioned and 343i are going to try and fix a lot of the problems in the game due to the door opened by the Xbox One X. But only time will say what exactly will be fixed and updated.

If you wanna read more about it go here.

Community Spotlights

As Haloween gets closer we plan to show a horror themed Community Spotlight as much as we can(though we will bend the rule if you awesome folks show something awesome).

  • LateNightHalo gave us quite a scare when he showed his amalgamation of a head on the Torso of the Mattel series 2 Grunt. Click here at your own warning.
  • MaraProjects on twitter is drawing some awesome pictures of Spartans on twitter, and while they are Work in Progress, we felt they still look awesome enough to share. So click here to check em out.

What is to come!

Next issue will have the results on the voting on what we will be named. See you next time everyone!

- CIA391 - Editor N' Chief