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Limtee 'Xellus
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Limtee 'Zellus was an Ussan Sangheili resident of the Refuge and the intended mate of its kaidon, Bal'Tol 'Xellus.


Limtee 'Xellus planned to be the mate of Bal'Tol 'Xellus. She would have produced offspring with him and would have provided him with wise counsel. However, before the two could be joined, Limtee became infected with the Blood Sickness, an illness that had plagued the Refuge for around a century. Bal'Tol badgered the bio repairers and pored over old medical records in hopes of discovering a cure for his beloved, but it was to no avail. Limtee had locked herself away in her quarters during the final stage of the disease so that nobody else would have to watch her experience it. When it finally became too unbearable, she took her own life by cutting her throat with a sharp edge. Bal'Tol discovered her corpse on the cot in her sleeping chamber. For thirteen cycles around the Ussan system's star, Bal'Tol continually mourned the loss of Limtee. He would often think upon her when witnessing or discussing others ravaged by the Blood Sickness. Though suicide was considered dishonorable, Bal'Tol did not consider what Limtee had done to be true suicide, as he believed the Blood Sickness had driven her mad and taken away her agency.

After a cure was finally found thanks to the repair of monitor Enduring Bias, Bal'Tol mourned the fact that it was too late to save Limtee.[1]

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