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Jeht 'Lcmutee
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Jeht 'Lcmutee, the Hunter of Hunters,[2] was Arbiter of the Covenant during the Taming of the Lekgolo.[3][2]


Faithful Arbiter[edit]

Jeht 'Lcmutee served the Covenant in the early days of the empire, which had been formed in 852 BCE following the Writ of Union between the Sangheili and San'Shyuum. He eventually earned the title of Arbiter. At this point in the Covenant's history, the role of Arbiter was a respected position, serving as guardian of the Great Journey and commander-in-chief of the Covenant military. As such, it was the Arbiter's duty to lead his fellow Sangheili against enemies of the Covenant. The San'Shyuum had found one such enemy in the Lekgolo, a race of worm like creatures native to the planet Te.[1]

Taming the Hunters[edit]

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In 789 BCE, the nascent Covenant was drawn to Te using Luminaries indicating a possible treasure trove of Forerunner relics.[4][5] What they found when they arrived in orbit around Te was the remains of a Forerunner installation that had been destroyed in the years following the activation of the Halo Array. While the Prophets were disappointed by the loss of the station, they were horrified to discover that the native Lekgolo were consuming the remains of the station, though some Lekgolo colonies ate everything but the relics.[1]

Appalled at this destruction, the Prophets ordered the Sangheili to wipe out the Lekgolo.[1] Prior to 784 BCE,[4] Arbiter Jeht 'Lcmutee ventured to Te's natural satellite Rantu aboard a diplomatic shuttle, and for an entire year he journeyed across the surface of the moon and adjacent sections of Forerunner debris - learning the strengths and weaknesses of the Lekgolo.[2][3] The Sangheili soon discovered that threatened Lekgolo colonies could combine to form Mgalekgolo, massive creatures which could surpass the Sangheili in strength. Recognizing that the Mgalekgolo could be formidable warriors, 'Lcmutee instead proposed to the Prophets an alternative. They could convert, or tame, the Lekgolo colonies that did not eat Forerunner relics, and use them to destroy those of their species that did consume the holy artifacts. Though they had originally been eager to assert moral authority, the Prophets recognized that 'Lcmutee's strategy was sound, following his advice and ultimately incorporating the Lekgolo into the Covenant.[1]


Even into the waning days of the Covenant, when the position of Arbiter had become one of disgraced warriors, Arbiter Jeht 'Lcumtee was still hailed as a hero for the wisdom he showed during the Taming of the Lekgolo.[6][3]


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