Ian Redding-Smythe

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Ian Redding-Smythe
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"Do you have any idea how crazy you sound? The government kidnapping kids, turning them into soldiers?! It's something out of a bad sci-fi! You're calling yourself a journalist and you believe this crap?!"
— Ian's audio message to Giraud[1]

Ian Redding-Smythe is a human civilian who listened to Benjamin Giraud's Hunt the Truth audio journal in 2558. After Giraud's entries theorized that the Spartan supersoldiers were created from augmented child soldiers, Redding-Smythe sent an angry audio message to Giraud, accusing him of being a terrible journalist promoting a fear-mongering story.[2]

Production note[edit]

Redding-Smythe is voiced by and named for Ian BrowningSmith, known to the Halo community (including on Halopedia) as Toa Freak. BrowningSmith was a monitor on the Halo Waypoint forums and is the host of the Halo Canon YouTube channel.

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