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Humpday Challenge

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The Humpday Challenge was a weekly game which takes place between Bungie Studios employees and large Halo fan sites, active communities, and professional teams. Humpday Challenges always took place on Wednesday.

Numerous communities hoped to challenge Bungie Studios, but few are selected. To be selected by Bungie for a Humpday Challenge is a challenge in itself. Bungie Studios does not take skill into account when choosing opponents, rather they pick teams to play based on community activity. Other companies or groups that has some kind of niche are picked most often. The Company does not seek to play the best players, but in gaining mutual publicity from the coverage that a Humpday Challenge Brings. As such, it's usually just players the administrators or community leaders of its picked websites.


Bungie has regularly played various groups during the challenge, and some have had the honor to play the company twice. A list of opponents Bungie has played includes:

Date Opponent Group Victors Information
11-1-2007 Geezer Gamers Bungie 3-0 GeezerGamers is a gaming community built for and by men and women in their 30’s and beyond.
11-8-2007 Podtacular Bungie, 2-1 the "Unofficial Halo Universe Podcast". Site administrators played Bungie and were defeated.
11-15-2007 Anonymous Users Bungie, 3-0 For the anniversary of the creation of Xbox Live, five Bungie players prowled Matchmaking and played three randomly generated teams, beating them all.
11-29-2007 Bungie, 2-1 is the largest aggregator of Halo 2 statistics on the internet. Bungie played the administrators of the site and defeated them.
12-6-2007 PraetoriaGuard Opponent, 2-1 The PraetoriaGuard is a "Halo fansite with a rich community". They defeated Bungie 2-1, being the first group to defeat Bungie employees at Halo 3.
12-13-2007 Clantacular Bungie, 2-1 Clantacular is a multiplayer community which has supported ranked clan match service for Halo 2 and Halo 3.
12-20-2007 The Frag Dolls Bungie, 2-1 The Frag Dolls are a professional team of all-female gamers recruited by Game Company Ubisoft.
9-15-2010 343 Industries Bungie, 3-0 343 Industries is a company within Microsoft that manages the Halo series.

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