Hemley & Aubourn Behavior Analysis

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Hemley & Aubourn Behavior Analysis (HABA) is a psychological test employed by the Office of Naval Intelligence in analyzing its personnel. The metrics used in the analysis are "General Cognitive Performance", "Murdoch/Fletcher Performance", "Team Commitment", "Ishida Complex" and "Policy Compliance". Finally, a "HABA Liability Index" is meant to measure the degree to which the subject is an inconvenience to ONI. The results of each metric are given in percentages and are calculated by a computer.[1]

On May 8, 2551, Dr. Catherine Halsey was given a Hemley & Aubourn Behavior Analysis by B.M. Parkes. Of note were Halsey's high cognitive performance, low team commitment and policy compliance scores, as well as her abnormally high (94.988%) "Liability" score. Because of this Parkes recommended that the surveillance on Halsey be increased.[1]