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Linda-058 (Spartan-058)
Pravdin, Linda
Rank: Petty Officer First Class
Height: 213cm
Weight: 110kg
Hair: Red
Eye: Green
Homeworld: Verent
Birth: March 19, 2511
Linda-058 is stoic and oftentimes eerily calm during combat, a demeanor perceived as adversarial even by other Spartans. Her discourse is generally terse and task-focused outside of combat, which has left little room for cross-team integration and generally kept her moored exclusively to Blue Team.

Linda-058's visual acuity and deft skill with marksman weapons is unparalleled, and she's considered the UNSC's most talented sniper. Her skills have proven invaluable, particularly when operating within her marksman role, where she's often pitted against high-priority targets at extreme ranges or tasked with providing overwatch support for teammates.

Notable Operations
As of August 2558, Linda-058 has completed 189 military operations [174 full campaigns], most of which were during the Covenant war. Though she, like all other Spartan-II's, is heavily decorated, the only awards she is known to value are related to her victories in various post-War shooting competitions.