Groombridge 1830 system

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There is more information available on this subject at Groombridge 1830 system on the English Wikipedia.
This article is about the system. For the planet, see Groombridge-1830.
Groombridge 1830
Location overview


Ursa Major

Distance from Sol:

29.7 light-years

Stellar overview

Spectral type:


Absolute magnitude:


Orbiting planets:

At least 1

Societal overview


Unified Earth Government


The Groombridge 1830 system is a Unified Earth Government-colonized star system, located 29.7 light-years from Sol.[1] The colony world of Groombridge-1830 is located in the system.[2] It was invaded on December 24, 2530 by the Covenant. Admiral Preston Cole's fleet responded, destroying the Covenant fleet, but taking heavy casualties during the battle. The colony's fate, whether it was glassed or not, and the state of any survivors, is unknown.[3]

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