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This article is about the Marine officer in New York. For other known people named Frank, see Frank.
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United Nations Space Command[1]

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Security guard for a UNSC base in New York.[1]

Unnamed Marine officer: "It's a woman..."
Frank: "I'll say!"
Unnamed Marine officer: "She's a bogey, Frank."
Frank: "Hot though."
— Frank and a Marine officer as they observe Janissary James through security cameras[1]

Frank was a security guard at a United Nations Space Command base in New York, URNA. He had a son named Dwayne.[1]


Jans intrusion[edit]

In August 2552, Dwayne used his father's position to acquire a gate pass, which he and some friends used to go joyriding with an M12 Warthog LRV. That same night, Dwayne's friend, Janissary James, was observed by Frank via security cameras as she broke into the base to return the pass so he wouldn't get into trouble with his job.[1]

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