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Welcome to the Forum Archive. This page is meant to preserve important forums prior to 2012 as well as prior to the 2010 domain change. Forums linked here include matters such as administrative, proposals/community votes, and site updates.

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TopicLast EditLast Author
Proposal to Organize Bracketed Addendums in Titles16:56, August 14, 2019CIA391
Amending the Canon Policy09:18, August 14, 2019CIA391
Domain overhaul - And what do you think?11:16, June 3, 2019Porplemontage
Removal of inactive admins11:16, June 3, 2019Porplemontage
Moving in/bug reports15:59, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Bringing Back the Usergroups15:58, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Removal of inactive Bureaucrats and Administrators15:57, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Proposal to Capitalize Titles Canonically15:10, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Display Resolution (Feedback)15:09, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Happy 7th Anniversary15:09, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Removal of inactive admin15:09, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
New Era and Appearance Proposal15:08, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Removal of Halopedia's Point System (Part 3)15:08, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Final decision on new wiki background15:06, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Changes15:06, June 2, 2019Porplemontage
Removing redirects from the drop-down search menu15:05, April 15, 2019CIA391
What is the difference between Halo Nation and Halopedia?14:34, April 15, 2019CIA391
Forum 2.013:23, February 25, 2019CIA391
Wiki Update and You!13:23, February 25, 2019CIA391
Forum Policy13:22, February 25, 2019CIA391
Changes to Forum13:22, February 25, 2019CIA391
Possibly Usable Logo13:22, February 25, 2019CIA391
Wiki background update13:22, February 25, 2019CIA391
Website Background change13:21, February 25, 2019CIA391
New deletion rules13:21, February 25, 2019CIA391
An Ending13:21, February 25, 2019CIA391
Moving in13:14, February 25, 2019CIA391
Moving in/rights13:13, February 25, 2019CIA391