Fire and Repentance Codices

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The Fire and Repentance Codices are an ancient and oral ritual cited by Covenant Shipmasters, originating in the first age of the Covenant's history - presumably that of the First Age of Reconciliation.[Note 1] The Codices are a series of ritual greetings and responses given by a shipmaster and a subordinate seemingly once a task has been assigned; during the Onyx Conflict, Fleetmaster Voro Nar 'Mantakree and Shipmaster Qunu of the destroyer Far Sight Lost repeated several responses of the codices following Qunu's tasking to contact the guardians of Onyx.[1]

Qunu was noted by 'Mantakree to have had an unmatched knowledge of the codices, resulting in the fleetmaster electing to assign the honourable task of contacting the planet's defenders to the subordinate shipmaster.[1]

Known codices[edit]

Greeting: "Honor light your way."
Response: "Our blood will forge a thousand generations."

Greeting: "...let us cast arms aside. ...And like discard our wrath. Thou, in faith, will keep us safe. Whilst we find the path." (citing the Writ of Union)

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  1. ^ The codices' name of repentance, combined with sections of them directly quoting the Writ of Union signed at the end of the Covenant's foundational War of Beginnings, would indicate that the codices were written during the First Age of Reconciliation, as opposed to the First Age of Conflict.


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