Eridanus II space docks

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Eridanus II space docks
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Space station


Docking and cargo port


The Eridanus II space docks were a civilian space station in orbit over the eponymous Eridanus II.[1] In 2525, the insurrectionist-allied freighter Laden docked at the port to restock on food, water and other supplies before heading to the rebel stronghold of Eridanus Secundus. The Office of Naval Intelligence comissioned Operation: TALON, which involved Blue Team disguising themselves as workers on the station to sneak aboard the Laden.[2]

Production notes[edit]

In the comic adaptation Halo: Fall of Reach, the space docks are depicted with a design not unlike the outer habitation ring of a Moncton-class orbital weapon platform, with several such structures connected together. In the animated series adaptation of the story, the station was redesigned with a more unique appearance.


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