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Dawn-over-Fields was a Forerunner Builder.[1]


Dawn-over-Fields was part of crew of the exploratory vessel Audacity during the Librarian's expedition to Path Kethona circa 98,395 BCE. He was the oldest member of the crew, apart from the Librarian, and was noted as being the most quiet one. Upon arrival at Path Kethona, he noted that the satellite galaxy felt young due to its lack of signs of life, namely evidence of technological civilizations. He demonstrated a particular skill with interplanetary navigation, being capable of detecting a set of five anomalous masses from minute deviations in the starscape before the ship's sensors did. Dawn, Keeper-of-Tools and the Librarian plotted a course toward one of the masses by linking their armor with each other and Audacity, locking their armor and reducing their body chemistry as a precaution for possible dangerous anomalies they may encounter near the unknown objects. They closed in on a slow, hyperbolic orbit over the course of several days while studying previous encounters with Precursor artifacts via their ancillas.[1]

The objects turned out to be ancient time-phased probability mirrors used as an alternate means of reconciliation, possibly by prehistoric Forerunners. He and Keeper continued to scan the system, eventually detecting a concealed fleet of ancient Forerunner vessels. In light of the impressive Precursor artifacts in the system, Dawn wondered if the early Forerunners had traveled there to worship, though this hardly seemed likely with such a large number of ships of war.[2]

When Audacity traveled to the sole planet in Path Kethona detected as harboring life, Dawn provided an initial analysis of the inhabitants, concluding that they lacked any form of advanced technology and evidently used population control measures due to their small population but otherwise did not interfere with their natural evolution. He was disconcerted to learn the planet's entire biota was Forerunner in genetic origin, from the plants to the animals and the only sapient species.[3]

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