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September 20, 2552[1]

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Sergeant Corly was an ODST of the UNSC Marine Corps.[1]


Battle of Installation 04[edit]

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Corly was one of many Marine personnel assigned to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in August 2552, serving in the battalion commanded by Major Antonio Silva. With the Fall of Reach on August 30 of that year, the Autumn was able to escape the planet's destruction, arriving at Installation 04 along with its crew and complement, including Corly. Covenant forces immediately began an attempted boarding action of the ship, prompting a general evacuation as the Autumn was crashed onto the surface of the ring.

Following their successful landing on Installation 04, the ODST battalion were able to make a number of successful attacks against Covenant forces including the capture of Alpha Base - in which Corly was presumably involved. Following the base's capture, First Lieutenant Melissa McKay was tasked with preparing a raid on the crash site of the downed Autumn, with the goal of bringing back supplies and armaments to allow the human complement to survive on the ring. On the return trip home from the Autumn, Corly was one of many personnel tasked with manning the LAAG-equipped Warthogs of the convoy, though her vehicle was one of the several unlucky examples that fell victim to Covenant weapons fire. Corly was killed immediately as the vehicle flipped end-over-end, with her body coming to a rest atop the vehicle's rear fender with half of her face blown off.[1]

Lance Corporal "Snaky" Jones would shortly thereafter come across Corly's body while retrieving his kit from the vehicle, though found himself unable to bear looking at the Sergeant's body.[1]

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