Combat Team Charlie

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Combat Team Charlie was a combat team of the UNSC Marine Corps' Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.[1][Note 1]


"Charlie" was stationed aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in 2552. Following its arrival at Installation 04 and the ensuing space battle, Covenant boarders would breach the Autumn. Combat Teams Charlie and Alpha would engage in heavy fighting with boarders on port decks five through nine. Eventually, Captain Jacob Keyes would initiate a general evacuation of the ship, ordering combat teams Alpha through November to evacuate. Combat Team Sierra through Combat Team Victor evacuated after them.[1]

Combat Team Charlie's fate upon Landing on Installation 04 is unknown, though it is likely that any survivors were part of the battalion led by Major Antonio Silva later in the conflict. By the time of the destruction of the ringworld three days later, Combat Team Charlie (along with all other local UNSC and Covenant forces) was killed.

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  1. ^ While never explicitly stated to be an ODST unit, combat teams were later expanded upon during the release of Halo 3: ODST to be a special type of organisational unit employed only by the ODSTs.