Bondi Beach

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Insurrectionists fighting at Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach is a beach located near the city of Black Reef on Alpha Corvi II.[1]


During the battle of Alpha Corvi II in 2525, Insurrectionists led by Captain Whitaker imploded the entry to Black Reef's mining complex. Facing increasing Covenant resistance outside, Whitaker and a small force of rebels temporarily redeployed themselves to Bondi Beach to acquire a tactical necessity.[1] During the battle, Whitaker and his men linked up with Blue Team with an APC and fought a successful holding action against the Covenant as a Pelican dropship arrived to retrieve them. Whitaker and his men however were denied passage on the Pelican and forced to fend for themselves when their Spartan allies left the scene. Whitaker and his surviving forces fought to the death before they were ultimately wiped out by the Covenant.


The beach shares its name with the popular beach located in Sydney, Australia.

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