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Bhuj is most likely a human colony.[Note 1] It was the homeworld of Jai-006, who lived there in a city as a street urchin before being placed in an orphanage.[1] It is likely named after the city of Bhuj in India, as Jai seems to be an Indian name which means "Victorious".

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  1. ^ In Halo: The Cole Protocol, the nature of Bhuj is not accurately specified. It is first mentioned that Jai-006 lived in Bhuj, which seems to imply Bhuj is a city, while another sentence, it is said that ..."Jai had roamed streets ... back on Bhuj". This seemingly implies Bhuj is the name of a planet, or the name of both the planet and the city Jai lived in.


  1. ^ Halo: The Cole Protocol, page 76