Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Ringfall/02

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DEC 12, 2559 // Despite a violent entry into Zeta's atmosphere, Spartan Bonita Stone and a group of marines safely reach the surface.

[Sound: Windshield rustling, followed by beeping.]

  • Spartan Bonita Stone: Bracing position! Landfall on the Ring in five seconds!

[Sound: Lifeboat crashes, then creaks. Marines coughing.]

  • Stone: Sound off, marines!
  • First Marine: We're good, Spartan Stone. (Cough) Bumps and bruises, not much else.
  • Stone: Copy that. Soon as I blow the hatch, we fan out in pairs. The Ring's already crawling with Banished. Be ready for anything

[Sound: Lifeboat hatch opens. Birds chirping.]

  • Second Marine: Whoa.
  • Stone: You alright, marine?
  • Second Marine: Yeah, just... for all the trouble these things are supposed to cause, I guess I never though the surface of the ring would look so... beautiful.