Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Reverie/02

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DEC 18, 2559 // Stone debriefs Griffin about Banished activity on the Ring.

  • Spartan Hudson Griffin: So, is it true? The report?
  • Spartan Bonita Stone: Yes. The Banished are deploying resource harvesters, and-
  • Griffin: Nevermind that — did you pull an entire lifeboat out of one of the breaches in the Ring?
  • Stone: I ordered the squad inside to take shelter from the explosion. I wasn't going to let them die in it.
  • Griffin: (Chuckles) Fine work, Stone. Day One was dicey for all of us. We're still trying to figure out what happened. Glad you kept a cool head.
  • Stone: I lent a hand this time. I'm sure they'll have my back next.
  • Griffin: If their reports are any indication, those marines will follow you anywhere. And if we're gonna take this Ring back... we need everyone working together.