Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Retaliation/03

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JAN 30, 2560 // Griffin encounters Escharum and learns of his team's end and the Banished's impending assault on the Mortal Reverie.

  • Spartan Hudson Griffin: Spartans: if anybody can hear me, I'm proceeding. We've come too far to turn-

[Sound: Clanging.]

  • Escharum: (Chuckle) You're correct, Spartan. There is no turning back.

[Sound: Reload. Echoing laugh.]

  • Escharum: (Chuckling) Do you take me for a fool? That I would leave my own home as unprotected as you have yours? You overreach. You and your friends. What remains of them will made adequate trophies.
  • Griffin: You sick-
  • Escharum: I spare them this, but I will not spare you: as you and your Spartans approached my citadel, I ordered the destruction of your people and that battered ship. Your "home" upon this Ring will soon be but ashes. And not even a whisper of your kind will remain on this Ring.