Assault Ops/Halo: Spartan Assault/Operation F: Hydra

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Level Name Objective Reward
F-1: Battle at the Arid Sea Ballistic Engineering Destroy 5 Shade Turrets with a Magnum 44 XP
Plastered Purple Kill 20 Elites with Frag grenades 144 XP
Carpet Bombing Kill 60 Covenant with a Brute Shot 260 XP
F-2: Breach of the Bulwark Mauled to Death Destroy 10 Ghosts with a Grizzly Tank 164 XP
Mine Field Kill 20 Suicide Grunts with a Scorpion Tank 104 XP
Beyond the Grave Kill 60 Covenant with a Ghost 264 XP
F-3: Superstructure Assault Voodoo Doll Kill 10 Jackals with a Needler 24 XP
Puncture Burn Kill 30 Grunts with a Plasma Repeater 70 XP
Explosive Arsenal Kill 60 Elites with Frag Grenades 384 XP
F-4: Infiltration of the Cistern Great Balls of Plasma Kill 10 Elites with a Shade Turret 84 XP
Slugger Kill 20 Elites Stealths with a melee attack 184 XP
Bug Fixer Kill 80 Drones with a Plasma Pistol 180 XP
F-5: The Source Rain of Pain Kill 20 Elites with an SMG 130 XP
Return to Sender Kill 20 Suicide Grunts with Plasma Grenades 104 XP
Laser Surgery Kill 40 Elites with a Focus Rifle 250 XP