Assault Ops/Halo: Spartan Assault/Operation D: Captured Chance

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Level Name Objective Reward
D-1: Escape from the Southern Fields All in a Day's Work Kill 20 Grunt Minors 160 XP
Death From Above Kill 20 Jump-pack Brutes with a Brute Shot 340 XP
Premature Detonation Kill 40 Suicide Grunts with a Focus Rifle 290 XP
D-2: Liberation of Faraday Who's Laughing Now!? Kill 10 Jackals with an Assault Rifle 150 XP
Grapple Hook Kill 20 Jump-pack Brutes with a Needler 324 XP
Anvil Kill 5 Brute Chieftains with a Brute Shot 200 XP
D-3: Assault on the Covenant Landing Zones Bear Hug Destroy 10 Wraiths with a Grizzly Tank 304 XP
Haunting Kill 20 Grunt Minors with a Ghost 184 XP
Drive By Destroy 20 Wraiths with SMGs 450 XP
D-4: Escape from Faraday Molten Rain Kill 10 Elite Majors with a Plasma Repeater 210 XP
Punctured Phalanx Kill 20 Jackals with SMGs 170 XP
Blast of Glory Kill 100 Suicide Grunts with a Plasma Pistol 540 XP
D-5: Defense of the Enemies' Airbase Is This Yours? Kill 20 Suicide Grunts with Incendiary Grenades 224 XP
Border Patrol Kill 100 Covenant with a Machine Gun Turret 554 XP
Hammer to a Gunfight Kill 10 Brute Chieftains with a Magnum 254 XP