Assault Ops/Halo: Spartan Assault/Operation C: Monolith

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Level Name Objective Reward
C-1: Descend from the Perch Precision Disassembly Destroy 4 Shade Turrets with a Focus Rifle 134 XP
Shooting Range Kill 50 Covenant using Rifles 310 XP
Plasma Burn Kill 40 Covenant with Plasma Grenades 284 XP
C-2: Spirit Graveyard Stand-Off Explosive Apparition Destroy 5 Ghosts with Frag Grenades 194 XP
Moving Target Kill 40 Drones with an Assault Rifle 190 XP
Beam of Blight Kill 80 Covenant with a Focus Rifle 430 XP
C-3: Assault on the Supply Lines A New Sheriff in Town Kill 20 Elite Minors with Pistols 234 XP
Armed Ambush Destroy 10 Wraiths with a Machine Gun Turret 284 XP
Dirty Davis Kill 20 Elite Majors using a Magnum 274 XP
C-4: Infiltration of the Covenant Perimeter Razorback Kill 10 Elite Majors with a Needler 184 XP
Guiding Light Kill 20 Stealth Elites with a Focus Rifle 270 XP
Iron Fist Kill 20 Stealth Elites with Melee Attacks 284 XP
C-5: Superstructure Stand-Off Turn Off Their Lights Kill 10 Elite Majors with a Focus Rifle 190 XP
Brutal Burnout Kill 5 Brute Chieftains with a Shade Turret 184 XP
Special Delivery Kill 50 Drones with Plasma Grenades 224 XP