Assault Ops/Halo: Spartan Assault/Operation B: Tempered Shield

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Level Name Objective Reward
B-1: Siege of Faraday Wave Breaker Kill 20 Suicide Grunts with a Machine Gun Turret 174 XP
Ring of Fire Kill 30 Grunt Majors with an Incendiary Grenade 214 XP
Power Punch-Out Kill 40 Suicide Grunts with a Melee Attack 254 XP
B-2: Reactor Field Relief Up Close and Personal Kill 20 Elite Minors with a Shotgun 210 XP
Chain Reaction Kill 50 Suicide Grunts with SMGs 280 XP
Burn Baby Burn! Kill 100 Covenant with Incendiary Grenades 494 XP
B-3: Hunt for the Sangheili Command Pincushion Kill 20 Jackals with a Needler 114 XP
Happy Trigger Demolition Destroy 10 Shade Turrets with the Shotgun 150 XP
Catch! Kill 50 Grunt Majors using Grenades 290 XP
B-4: Battle for Epsilon Expanse Clean-Up on Aisle Epsilon Kill 20 Grunt Majors with a Shotgun 170 XP
Plasma Perimeter Kill 10 Elite Minors with a Shade Turret 154 XP
Staring Death in the Eyes Kill 30 Elite Minors with a Wraith 274 XP
B-5: Battle at Red Slate Head On! Destroy 20 Wraiths with a Scorpion 414 XP
Fight Vapor With Fire Destroy 30 Ghosts with a Scorpion 514 XP
Back to the Grave Destroy 20 Wraiths using a Ghost 414 XP