Armor customization (Halo Infinite)/Eaglestrike/Visor

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Visor Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
Icon of the Amber Yesterday Visor
Amber Yesterday
Fracture: Entrenched The worst is truly yet to come. Epic Complete the "Conscription" Ultimate Challenge between May 22 and May 29, 2022
Icon of the Citrine Wind Visor.
Citrine Wind
Fracture: Entrenched What was once a mark of rank and prestige is now simply another adornment for those still standing. Rare Purchase "Leadbelcher" Bundle from the Shop for 1,700 cR
Icon of the Graphite Soul Visor
Graphite Soul
Fracture: Entrenched The Final War will continue until even the ashes are scattered. Epic Purchase "Brodie Armor Set" Bundle from the Shop for 1,400 cR
Icon of the Night Wisp Visor
Night Wisp
Fracture: Entrenched The Covenant thought they owned the night. They were wrong. Legendary Fractures: Entrenched Event Pass level 23
Icon of the Poisoned Mire Visor
Poisoned Mire
Fracture: Entrenched Corrupted life is worse than no life at all. Common Fractures: Entrenched Event Pass level 5
Icon of the Scarlet Hunter Visor
Scarlet Hunter
Fracture: Entrenched The eyes of the UNSC Morale Promoters were everywhere, seeking sedition and sloth in every trenchhole and bunkroom. It was not long before they had to be blinded. Legendary Complete the "Earn Your Stripes" Ultimate Challenge between October 25 and November 1, 2022
Icon of the Seaglass Waves Visor
Seaglass Waves
Fracture: Entrenched There is no refuge to be found in silent ports or abandoned island fortresses. Epic TBD
Icon of the Triplex Aero Visor.
Triplex Aero
Fracture: Entrenched The finest quality opto-mask coating that remains readily available. Legendary Fractures: Entrenched Event Pass level 9